Buster Elixir

Buster Elixir

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Psst, hey you! Yeah, you with the furry friend. Did you know that our Buster Elixir is the ultimate sidekick to our Buster Liquid Soap or Shampoo Bar? It's true! Treat your pet to the ultimate spa bath experience and watch their coat shine and radiate like a superstar. Trust us, your furry BFF will thank you with wagging tails and tons of slobbery kisses. So go ahead, pamper your pup with Buster Elixir and give them the spa day they deserve!

Net Weight:  8 Fluid Ounces (236.58 ml).

Ingredients:  Avocado Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Oat Extract, Calendula Extract,  Lavender/Cedarwood/Lemongrass Essential Oil Blend.

Directions:  Put a little bit of elixir on your fingers and let your fur baby smell it, if your pet looks agreeable to it (tries licking it or sniffs it closely) put one milliliter of the elixir in your pet's bath and proceed with normal bath.  You can also put a little bit of elixir on your fingers and apply on your pet's dry spots.