Muscle Relief Massage Oil

Muscle Relief Massage Oil

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Elevate your massage experience with our Aromatherapy Massage Oil, infused with a blend of lavender, black pepper, rosemary, lemon, and bergamot essential oils. This oil not only nourishes and moisturizes the skin with its natural oils base but also provides therapeutic benefits to the body and mind through the power of essential oils. Perfect for a relaxing massage or for use after a workout. This massage oil is suitable for all skin types.

Net Weight:  6 Fluid Ounces (177.441 ml).

Ingredients:  Apricot Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Botanical Extract,  Vitamin E Oil, Lavender/Black Pepper/Rosemary/Lemon/Bergamot Essential Oil Blend.

Caution: Contraindicated for people who experience seizures, and for  women who are pregnant or nursing.  Avoid exposure to sunlight and tanning beds after application.